CCS.Amsterdam @ ICA 2022

We are excited to announce that a large number of CCS.Amsterdam’s submissions were accepted for the upcoming conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) in Paris France, 26-30 May 2022. Keep an eye out for the following presentations! And do not forget to sign up to the pre-conferences!


  • Jan Kleinnijenhuis; Anita Van Hoof; Mariken van der Velden; Wouter van Atteveldt. From COVID-19 to controversial freedom restrictions in the media, from incumbency bonus to political fragmentation.
  • Theo Araujo; Jef Ausloos; Wouter van Atteveldt; Felicia Loecherbach; Judith Moeller; Jakob Ohme; Damian Trilling; Bob van de Velde; Claes Vreese; Kasper Welbers. TOOL DEMO – OSD2F: An Open-Source Data Donation Framework. [preprint]
  • Felicia Loecherbach; Judith Moeller; Damian Trilling; Wouter van Atteveldt. Don’t miss the long tail: Website classification to identify local and niche news.
  • Kasper Welbers; Farzam Fanitabasi; Wouter van Atteveldt. CCS Annotator: Easy deployment of expert and crowd coding tasks on browser and mobile phone. [github]
  • Wouter van Atteveldt; Dafne van Kuppevelt; Kasper Welbers. [Tool demo] CAVA: An open source R toolkit for dictionary Coherence, Adaptation, Validation, and Analysis.
  • Bartosz Wilczek; Neil Thurman; Mario Haim; Natali Helberger; Antske Fokkens; Wouter van Atteveldt; Helle Sjøvaag. AI adoption patterns in local journalism: Current use and future potentials in the German media market.
  • Nicolas Mattis; Philipp Masur; Judith Moeller; Wouter van Atteveldt. Nudging news diversity: A theoretical framework for facilitating diverse news consumption through recommender design.
  • Mónika Simon; Kasper Welbers; Anne Kroon; Damian Trilling. Linked in the Dark: A network approach to understanding information flows in the Telegramsphere.
  • Rupert Kiddle; Mónika Simon; Kasper Welbers; Anne Kroon; Damian Trilling. Mapping dark platforms: Exploring the influence of entity, content and context over Telegram information flows.
  • Marieke van Hoof; Corine Meppelink; Judith Möller; Damian Trilling. Searching for Bias: How Political Attitudes impact Search Queries about Political Issues.
  • Zilin Lin; Kasper Welbers; Susan Vermeer; Damian Trilling. Beyond discrete genres: Mapping news items onto a multidimensional framework of genre cues.
  • Cornelius Puschmann; Patrick Zerrer; Yuru Li; Damian Trilling. The kids are alright? Age, gender and social media engagement with alternative news.
  • Damian Trilling; Erik Knudsen. Drivers of news sharing: How context, content, anduser features shape sharing decisions on Facebook.
  • Farzam Fanitabasi, Mariken van der Velden. A Stance Detection Pipeline for Multilingual Political Text. [github]
  • Moritz Laurer; Wouter van Atteveldt; Andreu Casas; Kasper Welbers. Identifying Political Concepts with NLI-BERT – Analysing Large Communication Corpora without an Annotation Budget.
  • Niklas Johannes; Philipp K. Masur, Matti Vuorre, & Andrew K. Przybylski. How should we investigate variation in the relation between social media and well-being?
  • Amanda Purington; Philipp K. Masur; Natalie Bazarova, Ellen Wenting Zou, & Janis Witlock. The Youth Social Media Literacy Scale: Scale Development and Validation Using Item Response Theory.


  • Felicia Loecherbach; Josephine Lukito; Jacob Fisher; Frederic Hopp. Hackathon: Opening Computational Communication. [details]
  • Erik Knudsen; Bartosz Wilczek; and others. Understanding the Dynamics of (Ir)Responsible AI in Journalism and Algorithmically Shaped News Flows. [details]