Two new grants for

We are starting the holiday season in a very festive mood with good news on two grant applications related to news algorithms and diversity:

Rethinking news algorithms: nudging users towards diverse news exposure: We improve news algorithms to stimulate people to read more diverse news. Algorithms such as used by Facebook and Google can unwittingly trap people in a “filter bubble”. Nudging people to read about more topics and perspectives makes them more aware of issues facing the country.

Algorithms for freedom of expression and a well-informed public: Recent concerns about filter bubbles, fake news and selective exposure are symptomatic of the disruptive potential of digital recommendations, but also demonstrate the power of responsible recommender design Much depends on the design of news recommenders. Are they merely designed to generate clicks and short-term engagement? Or are they programmed to balance short term engagement and relevancy with the legitimate longer-term interest of users in diverse information and not losing out on important information?