Vacancies for 3 asst. profs. in (computational) communication science

The VU University Amsterdam has three openings for assistant professors, of which two explicitly look for candidates with computational skills:

The VU department of Communication Science aims to hire candidates in the fields of:

a) Political communication / public affairs (from January 2019)

b) Corporate communication and/or marketing communication (from January 2019),

c) Media psychology. (from August 1st)

For all three positions, we prefer candidates with a strong focus on the use of new communication technologies (e.g. social media, social robotics, sharing platforms). For positions a) and b) we prefer candidates who apply computational methods such as automatic text analysis, machine learning, or network analysis using programming languages such as R and Python.

If you have are an expert in any of these fields, have good computational skills, and want to be part of our fast-growing Computational Communication Science lab (see also, please consider applying to one of these positions before May 10th.

Don’t hesitate to email me if you need more information! (

CCS Amsterdam launched

We decided to launch the “CCS Amsterdam” lab for Computational Communication Science. This is a collaboration between scholars from the UvA and VU aimed at developing and stimulating the use of Computational Methods in Communication Science research. Data, tools, analyses and results should be as transparent, open and easy to share and reuse as possible. We firmly believe that newly available digital data sets, analysis methods and processing power can help improve the state of the art in communication research.

(obviously, this site is very much work in progress 🙂 )